Emergency On-Board Courier

On-Board Courier (OBC)

Using our On-Board Courier service is the quickest, safest and best way to move a small box shipment (under 32KG per box) door-to-door anywhere in the world. By using this solution, your shipment will always be with our OBC expert guaranteeing the highest level of security for your shipment with a personal touch. As we are locally based worldwide there are no positioning times which means our OBC experts are able to get on the first available flight with your shipment on board. We will only use the right OBC expert for each individual job meaning that they will have the correct visas etc. to be allowed into the countries they will be operating in. A lot of our OBC experts have memberships to Airline Loyalty Programmes so they are able to quickly check-in and avoid long delays at the airport. Everything will be set up in advance so there will be no hassle at the airport regarding customs clearance or import/export clearance. By doing this we can avoid any delays and focus on getting your shipment to you as soon as possible!